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Scone & Biscuit Cutters

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Scone & Biscuit Cutters

Our cutters are handcrafted out of solid brass, solid copper or tinplate. All are lock-seemed (not spot welded), have a safety edge, and are made from material heavy enough to avoid shape distortion.
We do have a large range or cutters. Some not yet shown. And are one of the only places that will custom make cutter shapes for you. Gingerbreadfolk is just one of our customers. Check out

Brass cutters can simply be washed, dried and put away. Tinplate cutters need to be dried with heat (the oven is the best place), then stored in an air tight container (eg plastic container or old biscuit tin). This will keep your cutters in good condition and avoid rusting.

Small 2 inch biscuit cutters
Tinplated. Boot, Tasmania, Heart, Horse head(not shown), Fish(not shown). $3.50 each
$ 3.50
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Medium 3 inch biscuit cutters
Tinplated. Gingerbread Man & Lady, Wombat, Bell, Australia, Koala, Kangaroo, Heart(not shown). Scottie Dog (not shown),Star(not shown). $4.00 each
$ 4.50
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Large 3 .5 inch biscuit cutters
Tinplated. Penguin, Clown, Cat, Gingerbread Man & Lady, Christmas Tree, Schnauzer(not shown), Moon(not shown), House(not shown), Star(not shown). $4.50 each.
$ 4.50
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X Large 4 inch biscuit cutters
Tinplated. Rooster, Shamrock, Penguin, Scottie dog, Star(not shown). Horse(not shown). $5.00 each.
$ 5.00
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