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Money Boxes and Tidys

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Money Boxes and Tidys
Cookware & Dust Pans
Scone & Biscuit Cutters

Keep everything in the right place. Hand-crafted from high quality solid brass and copper. All money boxes have removable lids (don’t tell the kids) and fit all coin sizes.

As with most brass and copper products, over time the high polished finish will start to dull. To keep them looking at their best, use a brass polish (eg brasso) once or twice a year. We do not clear coat any of our products, because 30 years in the business has taught us that clear coating does not last forever and that at some stage it will start to chip off, or the metal will tarnish underneath, leaving you with something that looks patchy and cannot be polished. In most cases clear coating will also devalue your brassware.

Solid Brass Containers
Hand spun from solid brass, these round containers are unrustable and unbreakable. Great for fish hooks, tobacco, pins, etc... Other sizes available.
$ 12.00
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