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All our cookware is handcrafted out of mild steel, also know as black iron. This metal has been used in the production of cookware for thousands of years. Unlike most modern day cookware there is no surface to scratch off. It conducts heat very well, and some would say, even seems to sear the food differently adding to the taste. Traditionally, all woks and lighter frying pans were made from black iron. The metal we use for our frying pans is 1.6 mm thick, 1.2 mm for woks, 0.06 for trays. All handles are hand turned or forged and guaranteed not to fall off.
We also have ornamental copper and brass pans and ladles not shown here. And can also manufacture heavy solid copper, tin-lined fry pans starting at $65.00.

If the item is a frying pan or wok, place over low heat, pour in a small amount of cooking oil, heat and wipe thoroughly with kitchen paper. If the item is a pie plate or tray, soak kitchen paper with oil, wipe over tray and place in warm oven. The real secret to this cookware is to let it go black, the darker the better. This will happen naturally over time. If using gas flame burners, before using the pans, pour approximately 3 tablespoons of oil into the pan,wipe oil over the entire pan with kitchen paper, then holding onto the pan's handle wave the pan over the flame until it smokes and goes black. The secret to washing steel pans is just to rinse them under a hot tap, wipe the inside out, put it back on the cook top on low heat, and wipe a small amount of oil into it. With a tray. Just wash it under a hot tap, wipe a small amount of oil into it, then place it in a warm oven. Do not use detergents, because they will strip oil off the pan and possibly cause rust. If rusting does occur, clean with steel wool and hot soapy water, then season as above.

Steel Wok
With wood handle and lid. Flat bottom, 13.5 inches diameter. Hand spun from 1.2mm mild steel.
$ 50.00
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Steel Frying Pan - Wood Handle - 8.5 inch dia

$ 32.00
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Steel Frying Pan - Wood Handle - 10.5 inch dia

$ 34.00
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Steel Frying Pan - Wood Handle - 11 inch dia

$ 35.00
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